The overall objectives of Green Projects Wing, West Bengal Forest Development Corporation Ltd. is to develop lands through appropriate technology and financial support for productive use. Within this framework the pertinent part would consist of treatment of lands through raising variety of plantations to meet economic as well as environmental needs to be raised in lands. The plantations not only to ensure easy availability of firewood, timber, fodder, bamboo, fruits and hast on associated forest product but also help in improvement of soil and moisture regime, the two basic physical inputs for increasing land productivity.

To acquire, purchase or obtain by lease, on contract, gift or otherwise wasteland from the Govt. of West Bengal together with other assets, properties, rights and liabilities of whatsoever nature of the Govt. appertaining to or in any way concerning such land and all rights, obligations and liabilities of the Govt. under the contract or agreement entered into by the Governor of West Bengal with any person, firm or company in relation to the said land or assets firstly in the districts of Bankura, Purulia, western part of Medinipur and other within the areas of West Bengal.

To expeditiously develop wasteland by raising plantations.

To plant, replant afforest and reforest in such GREEN PROJECTS WING.

To support and promote tree planting activities on private lands in order to help in meeting domestic as well as raw materials needs for a host of industries - both cottage and small scale as well as medium and large scale industries.

To augment the capabilities of the people to plant trees and to consolidate the gains from such tree planting through extension or financial support, extension and training.

To link up human and land resources potential in massive plantation programme of wasteland.

To create Agro-forestry plantations like plantation and inter- cultivation of fodder, MFP, myrobolon plantations, economic plantation like cashew, mixed fruits, bamboo and softwood, mixed plantation like small timber, high density firewood, high-tech pulpwood, farm forestry on private wasteland, horticulture and mixed orchard development and individual owners backyard.

To develop suitable marketing network and to arrange marketing support to individual growers where necessary.